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Turbosound TFM330 Stage Monitor

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Technical information reproduced from Manufacturers website

Turbosound TFM330 stage foldback monitor

The TFM-330 is a high specification professional bi-amped floor monitor for use in a wide variety of demanding monitoring applications.

It incorporates a custom designed 4" voice coil 15" low frequency driver and a high power 2" high frequency compression driver on a custom waveguide in a compact vented enclosure.

The TFM-330's small footprint results in a highly efficient wedge monitor package, ideal for use wherever high SPL and exceptional intelligibility is required. A low box profile is maintained, thereby improving sightlines, by mounting the HF horn alongside, rather than on top of, the low frequency driver. The HF horn pattern is 40° horizontal by 60° vertical, and is designed to give very even coverage both close to, and standing back from, the monitor while at the same time minimising sound spillage into adjacent microphones. As a result the TFM- 330 offers impressive feedback rejection, developing high sound pressure levels without the need for excessive equalisation.

The TFM-330 responds dynamically to bass instruments and kick drum, combining the

deep low frequency response of a larger 2 x 15" monitor with the transient attack, presence and speed typically found in monitors using 12" LF drivers.

The TFM-330 has been designed as a symmetrical mirror-image monitor, allowing multiple units to be used on larger stages with one monitor inverted to form left and right pairs.

The cabinet is constructed from 3/4” (18mm) birch plywood, and is finished in TurboBlueTM semi-matt textured paint. Two EP6 connectors are concealed in a recessed panel at the rear of the cabinet for tidy cabling and protection. Side mounted flush handles are provided for easy lifting and handling. A grey powder coated perforated steel mesh grille protects the drive units from damage.



368mm x 663mm x 485mm (14.5” x 26.1” x 19.1”)


39.5 kg (86.9 lbs)


1 x custom 15” (381mm) LF driver, 1 x 2” (50mm) HF driver on a custom flare


60Hz - 16kHz ±4dB


40°H x 60°V @-6db points


LF: 400 watts r.m.s., 800 watts program, 1000 watts peak

HF: 100 watts r.m.s., 200 watts program, 250 watts peak

Recommended amplifiers: LF: 800 watts @ 8 ohms; HF: 200 watts @ 8 ohms


103dB, 1 watt @ 1 metre


130dB continuous4, 136dB peak5


Active only: Recommended point 1k3Hz, 24dB/octave slope, Linkwitz-Riley


LF: 8 ohms; HF: 8 ohms


18mm (3/4”) birch plywood throughout; rebated, screwed and glued. Finished in black semi-matt textured paint. Two recessed carrying handles


Grey powder coated perforated steel


Neutrik NL4 wired pin1: LF negative, pin2: LF positive, pin3: MF/HF negative, pin4: MF/HF positive

14  10 x Ex-Hire stage foldback monitor loudspeakers for sale, as a complete package, or in pairs. All are in excellent physical and electronic condition, and have many years of service life left in them.  These loudspeakers would be ideal for permanant use in a theatre, nightclub, bar, venue or with another rental production company.  These stage monitors provide very high quality sound reproduction at medium to high volume levels. We have matching amplifiers and digital controllers for these loudspeakers, and if required, we can provide delivery installation and commisioning.  

Each pair of loudspeakers is supplied with a premium quality Pack Horse manufactured flight case.

Price £500 each excluding VAT