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The TFM-330 is a high specification professional bi-amped floor monitor for use in a wide variety of demanding monitoring applications.

It incorporates a custom designed 4" voice coil 15" low frequency driver and a high power 2" high frequency compression driver on a custom waveguide in a compact vented enclosure.

Turbosound TFM330 stage foldback monitors

£850 per pair ex-vat

6 available

The VS3215-6 is part of the JBL Venue Series, a family of modular loudspeaker systems designed for fixed installation applications ranging from speech reinforcement to large scale music productions.

£460.00 each ex-vat

4 available

Jbl Venue 3215 loudspeakers

TLA VP5051

Valve Voice Processor

The VP-5051 is a single channel voice processor, combining a high quality microphone pre-amplifier, four band equaliser, compressor and gate. All parameters of the compressor are variable, and a link facility enables two units to be operated in stereo mode. The VU meter may be used to display various input and output levels, or gain reduction

£170.00 each ex-vat

1 available

TLA VP5051 valve voice channel strip

Adam Hall Defender event floor

Rubber cable and floor protector

Adam Hall Defender event floor tiles 50CM x 50CM with 2 channels of integral cable trap/duct.

£8.50 each ex-vat

40 available

Adam Hall Defender Cable Ramp
Yamaha LS9-32 digital mixing desk

£2500.00 each ex-vat

1 available

Ex-rental, Ex-hire, pre-loved, pre-experienced, pre-worn, but not worn-out!

Here's the place we retire our faithful electronics to once they're reached a certain age.

We're constantly evolving and resonding to new products on the market, which means that after a time, we need to find new homes for our older equipment.  All ex-rental equipment is in great condition, having been fully serviced and maintained, and offered for sale with a limited warranty, giving you peace of mind.  

You're welcome to view and demo the equipment, just get in touch to book a date.

Ex-rental sales

Turbosound TXD PA system

Complete system comprising 2 x TXD115's, 2 x TXD121's, QSCPLX3602 amplifier and LMS-D4 crosssover.

£2050.00 ex-vat

1 available

Full Fat Audio FFA-6000 Audio Amplifier

Proprietry class D PWM power amplifier ideally suited to driving very high output low frequency loads.

2 x 1800W / 4Ω    2 x 3000W / 2Ω



£1100.00 each ex-vat

1 available

2 x ALOG input,  6 x ALOG output loudspeaker system crossover/management processor for JBL products


32+1 fader small format digital mixing console.

32 mono, 4 stereo channels

24 busses (16mix/8matrix)

32 x in, 16 x out local IO

48KHz sample rate

Full Fat Audio FFA-6000